Northern Lines

Draught Line Cleaning, Maintenance, & Installation

Experts in Draught Quality

We strive to provide the cleanest, most consistent line cleaning & maintenance service in Ontario. We adhere to the highest industry-standard as set by the Brewers' Association: a 2-week cleaning cycle, using a recirculation pump, 2-3% caustic chemical solution, quarterly acid cleanings, and full detailing of all hardware.


Premium Draught Line Cleaning to Brewers' Association Standards. We clean every two weeks using high pressure recirculation pumps to ensure that your lines are as clean as possible. We also ensure your draught hardware is disassembled and hand detailed.


Round-the-Clock Service Available to get Pints in Customers' Hands. We repair beer leaks, gas leaks, faucets, couplers, regulators, gas blenders, flat beer, and foamy beer. If you have a problem with your beer we can fix it!


Professionally Installed and Balanced Draught Systems, On-Time, and On-Budget. No install is too big or too small, from kegerator set-up to 60 line mega-systems. We also install cost-saving equipment such as gas blenders.

Location & Hours

136 Geary Ave, Unit 113

Toronto, Ontario M6H 4H1

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