Our Mission

What We Do at Northern Lines

We strive to provide the cleanest, most consistent line cleaning & maintenance service in Ontario. We adhere to the highest 

industry-standard as set by the Brewers' Association: a 2-week cleaning cycle, using a recirculation pump, 2-3% caustic 

chemical solution, quarterly acid cleanings, and full detailing of all hardware.

The Importance of Line Cleaning

Draught System Installation

Beer spoiling bacteria can ruin a beer’s flavour & aroma, which will inevitably leads to lost repeat business and potential sales. Draught systems are investments. By committing to the regular maintenance of your system you are ensuring that you are getting the most beer and the highest profitability from your investment.

Northern Lines offers both Commerical and Residential installations. Our team of professional Install Technicians can provide you with the highest quality custom Draught System tailored to your specific needs.

Common Off-Flavours in Draught


Butter, Movie Popcorn, Butterscotch, Slick Mouthfeel

Acedic Acid

Vinegar, Sour, Acrid, Stinging Mouthfeel


Stale, Wet Cardboard, Skunky, Harsh Mouthfeel